With 10 years experience in the world of furniture INCITTA is a specialist in top-range outdoor furniture.

Our passion, in line with progress in our way of life, is to create fusion between our indoor and outdoor life.
With our highly reputed design/style and a manufacturing technique specifically adapted and proven over time, INCITTA offers the chance to build "personalised" exterior space, both for business and private use. Our range can be adapted to your needs both in modularity and colour.


Our furniture and our accessories are manufactured on the basis of an aluminium structure lacquered with INTERPON’s podwer coating which stands the test of time. The advantage is the solidity, but
especially the relatively low weight which allows the furniture to be moved without any trouble.

AkzoNobel Interpon is the world leader in
powder coatings. INCITTA® offers in cooperation with
Interpon an effective coating solution for our furniture. This range ensures color stability, durability and toughness in all weathers. Available in 6 color options.

Sunbrella is an outside fabrics . INCITTA® works with Sunbrella® fibres which are steeped in top quality dyes during the actual 
manufacturing process, when the acrylic is still liquid. 
As a result, the fabric’s yarn is coloured all the way to the core so its original vibrancy lasts on and on. 
There’s absolutely no comparison to ordinary procedures whereby the yarn or fabric is simply dipped in dye which therefore only penetrates the outer layers.

All the benefits of Sunbrella fabrics

UV Resistant - Water & Stain resistant - Breathable - Mold resistant - Easy Care 
Sunbrella fabrics can be easily cleaned with a soft-bristle brush and soapy water. Rinse with clear water and let air dry.



INCITTA® foam is reticulated polyurethane foam with extra open cells which permits maximum water drainage and air circulation. 
Open cell foam also has the added benefit of an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent the buildup of bacteria which can cause nasty smells. Reticulated filter foam is ideal for use in outdoor furniture and marine environments where moisture can be a problem with conventional foam.


We can supply all special upholstering with any colours of the Solid and Stripes Sumbrella’s collection, according to the volume of the order.


Our products are available as an option with protection covers to avoid a possible accumulation of dust during the periods without use.

Feet are independently adjustable to ensure a maximum stability of our furniture.

Our connection system allows allows the separate modules to be joined.


INCITTA® offers a 2-year general warranty to 5 years for Sunbrella fabric under normal conditions of use.
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